Cultivars of Invasive Plants Sold in Nurseries or Horticultural Centers Are Often Still Invasive

The horticultural industry may sell cultivars of invasive plants that produce fewer seeds. These are billed as non-invasive cultivars. According to new research, however, many of these non-invasive cultivars are still invasive. Tiffany M. Knight of Washington University and co-authors from the Chicago Botanic Garden conducted population modeling and found that even a 95 percent reduction in viable seed production of an invasive plant still can result in invasion. Moreover, the offspring of cultivars do not usually “breed true” especially if they cross with plants from feral populations. The results of their study are published in the October 2011 issue of BioScience.

In short, don’t buy cultivars of Japanese barberry, buckthorn, burning bush, etc.!

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  1. vicky olson said

    I bought a plant a few years ago from a garden catalog- it can be low to the ground but willclimb other plants-it has completely taken over my front garden -its leaves will change color so at times it has pink tan several shades of greens-then goes all green-it does flower with alittle white flower- if you pull this plant out it has the most horrible smell to the point I get migraines/I have already excepted that this plant has destryed my front garden-completely took over I am curious if anyone knows the name of this plant and if anyone has any info on how to get rid of it-it has grown under my driveway and over to my neighbors-I am an avid gardener and have never come across this before if this plant finds its way to my back garden i will have a heartattack-please help-thank you Vicky Olson

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