Opinion Piece in the Canberra Times – Why the Invaders, Exotic Invasive Plant Species – Are Winning

An opinion piece in the Canberra Times by Julian Cribb, an Australian science and agriculture writer, paints this bleak image of the future of the Austrailian natural world:

By the end of this century it is possible that Australia will be gone for good, immersed in a green tide of alien vegetation, pests and shifting climatic regions. It may well still be sunburned and afflicted (more frequently) by drought and flooding rains, but the quintessential Australian landscape that has defined this continent for millions of years and was the backdrop to both Aboriginal and European settlement, will largely no longer exist.”

Cribb attributes a major role in this transformation to the more than 30 new alien species of plants and pests introduced every year in Australia.  Is the future this bleak in Australia?

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